Moisture analyzer



MIS1 moisture instrument


Such multichannel analyzer can be used to measure the gas and liquid water content of trace water optional oxygen content. Cooperation with MIS 'TF and M series probe can analyze on-line water content .As follows:

· petrochemical

· gas

· the gas using in industrial

· semiconductor industry

· furnace gas/heat treatment

· electric power industry

· air dryer

· pharmaceutical industry

· aviation


· choose pressure and temperature input, for calculation of the different measuring parameters

· NIST (national technical standards) traceable calibration

· optional frame outfit, from dishes, protective shell (NEMA 4X) and explosion-proof shell (NEMA 7)

·Corresponding to suddenly dries up, the computer enhancement applications response

·real-time matrix display shows at the same time six parameters

PPBV level, can show trace moisture

·data storage function

·PCMCIA card slot provide expanded memory and instrumentation software upgrades


The MIS 1 is the top of GE Sensing and Measuring Department multi-channel moisture meter models. The MIS 1 can measure gas and liquid substances in water, pressure and temperature. And has another optional function to test the concentration of oxygen gas. In addition, any probe 0/4 ~ 20mA or 0 ~ 4V output can be read as auxiliary input, this includes many GE industrial group sensing and measurement process control instrument. This feature made MIS 1 truly become multi-purpose moisture analyzer, through integrated system spending.


In order to reduce costs, MIS 1 provides six channels, significant saving every test point cost, and through a variety of different configuration to meet the specific application requirements.

Graphical display

The advance characteristic of this type instruments is it realized real-time display of six of moisture do more than six channels in the background of light large LCD screen in the same time, oxygen content or other data. Menu-driven case buttons with data matrix or linear chart format make its easy to be on show.


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